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China blocks internet searches relating to Egypt

On February 1, the Toronto Star published an article concerning the Chinese Government’s reaction to the crisis in Egypt. According to the Star, in a move to ensure similar events do not occur in China, the Chinese Government blocked Internet searches related to Egypt.

While most of the article’s details are correct, the choice of wording and the lack of explanation resulted in an unfair and unbalanced reporting the news.

While both China and Egypt do have authoritarian tendencies, each State has a different style in which their Government operates. While Egypt is a essentially a strongman state, centered on Mubarak, China is not a strongman state. Although it is a one party state, the power of the Government does not rest with one person or a small group of people, but a fairly large group of individuals elected from the membership of the 1,000,000-strong Communist Party.

In other words, one can clearly not made the comparison between China and Egypt.



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