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American review panel criticizes Chinese gov’t economic and military policies

Al-Jazeera reports today (17 November 2010) that the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission has released a much anticipated report, which heavily criticized China in regards to economic and military issues. More specifically the panel accuses the PRC of undervaluing its currency, the Yuan Renmenbi, which the United States and the panel states it is the primary cause of the trade imbalances and the American trade deficit.

While the Chinese Government and its monetary and economic policies are partially responsible for the trade imbalance and growing American trade deficit, the American panel fails to see that problems in the US economy were primarily inflicted by internal forces and policies by successive American administrations rather than external players.

The panel also focuses its report on China’s military. While the panel has stated that China’s growing military is only a sign of a modernization, they state that China is not a military threat to the United States. However, it should be noted that the panel does point out that China has missiles that can reach American bases in East Asia and that the Chinese military has developed “anti-ship missile that can hit a moving ship a thousand miles off their coast”. These points should be evidence that United States and the panel believes that the Chinese military is a threat, contrary to the statement made by the panel.

It should be noted that historically, China has always sought to be a regional power and to protect its sovereignty from external threats. In addition to pointing out the contradiction, the points made by the panel actually provide evidence to China seeking to fulfill long historic goals rather than international dominance that the West often accuses it of.

To solve its problems, the United States should try to examine and fix its internal problems rather than blaming external forces for its misfortunes.



2 thoughts on “American review panel criticizes Chinese gov’t economic and military policies

  1. The United States can talk to the talk, but they will not walk the walk. They know that China’s economy is anchoring an otherwise unstable world economy caused by the US-initiated recession. Also, they borrow huge sums of money from China. Why would they shoot their own banker? If the US wants to criticize China for undervaluing its currency, then it might as well criticize Japan and other countries for doing the same.

    Historically, China has been a relatively peaceful nation. During the Tang Dynasty, China had the most advanced and powerful ship fleet in the world. They could have engaged in mass conquests like the Mongolians, Huns, Romans, or the Japanese. Instead, the Tang Dynasty was an era of peace and cultural and scientific renaissance. “Harmony” is very much engraved in the Chinese mindset.

    Posted by J | November 18, 2010, 4:21 AM
  2. Back in the mid nineties when I was in China the first time, a Chinese friend stated that China does not need to attack the US has they had already beaten them economically. Having been back there for most of the last 7 yrs as an ESL teacher he has proven to be very correct in his statement.

    Posted by Pissedoff | November 18, 2010, 7:45 AM

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