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American review panel criticizes Chinese gov’t economic and military policies

Al-Jazeera reports today (17 November 2010) that the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission has released a much anticipated report, which heavily criticized China in regards to economic and military issues. More specifically the panel accuses the PRC of undervaluing its currency, the Yuan Renmenbi, which the United States and the panel states it … Continue reading

Shiitakes and the North American way of thinking

Let’s ponder on something other than politics and international affairs. With Thanksgiving here, food is at the top of everyone’s mind. In recent years, food has become a star in the media with the rise of networks such as Food Network. There has also been many documentaries on food and the food industry in the … Continue reading

China blocks internet searches relating to Egypt

On February 1, the Toronto Star published an article concerning the Chinese Government’s reaction to the crisis in Egypt. According to the Star, in a move to ensure similar events do not occur in China, the Chinese Government blocked Internet searches related to Egypt. While most of the article’s details are correct, the choice of … Continue reading

Libs and NDPers: Coalition, Merger, or none of the above?

Ever since the 2010 British general elections and the creation of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat governing coalition almost a month ago, the discussion about a potential Liberal-New Democrat coalition and/or merger has resurfaced in the the Canadian political news scene. While there was rhetoric from both pro-coalition and anti-coalition sides, as well as support from some … Continue reading

Israel, Hamas, and the Gaza Strip

This past week has been quite eventful: the Korean War threatens to erupt again, the Gulf of Mexico is full of oil, and Europe seems to be falling apart. What has dominated the interational news has been the Flotilla raid conducted by the Israeli Defense Forces in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The Israeli-Arab conflict usual … Continue reading

Disappointment and failure: Ontario’s education system and its students

Education is considered to be the most important element in determining the development of an individual for life within society. In Ontario, education is divided into four parts: Early Childhood, Primary (Elementary), Secondary, and Post-Secondary (Tertiary). The Province requires that children of residents and students attend elementary and secondary school until the age of 18. … Continue reading

The politics of the apology

An apology is a powerful thing. It can mend relations, restore trust, and heal wounds. Sometimes it is all someone wants when they have been hurt or wronged. In the world of politics and in Government, the apology is considered the ultimate act of humility and is widely view as the most unpolitician thing a … Continue reading


As the Toronto Civic Worker strike continues past the one month mark, Toronto residents are passed fed up. Not only are they angry with the striking union workers but with the Mayor and the Premier as well. The cause for such anger is due to the fact that the Mayor and the Premier have so … Continue reading

America of today: destined to fail?

During the last month or so, the North American auto industry has suffered a large blow in its  struggle for survival. With Chrysler in bankruptcy protection and General Motors predicted to be in the same situation, the life of the North American auto industry is growing dim. The question that everyone is asking is "Who … Continue reading

McGuinty’s Big Idea

As Ontario continues to sink deeper and deeper in our economic woes, Dalton and his Liberal Government have a plan they believe will get us out of this mess and onto the road of economic recovery. To understand Ontario’s current economic troubles, let’s take a look at Ontario’s recent history. The economic woes of Canada’s … Continue reading