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China blocks internet searches relating to Egypt

On February 1, the Toronto Star published an article concerning the Chinese Government’s reaction to the crisis in Egypt. According to the Star, in a move to ensure similar events do not occur in China, the Chinese Government blocked Internet searches related to Egypt. While most of the article’s details are correct, the choice of … Continue reading

Israel, Hamas, and the Gaza Strip

This past week has been quite eventful: the Korean War threatens to erupt again, the Gulf of Mexico is full of oil, and Europe seems to be falling apart. What has dominated the interational news has been the Flotilla raid conducted by the Israeli Defense Forces in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The Israeli-Arab conflict usual … Continue reading

Iraq War, Canada, and the American deserters

It has been almost six years since the beginning of the Iraq War. Over 4,500 American, British, and other coalition troops have been killed and over one million Iraqis have lost their lives as a result of the war and the sectarian violence. It was 2003 when the Iraq War began. The initial campaign was … Continue reading

Israel, the Palestinian conflict, and the Gaza strip

The New Year has begun on a sour and bitter note. The Middle East, an area of the world notable for military conflicts and violence, has once again become a hot zone after a six month truce between Hamas — Gaza’s ruling political party and militant group, and the Israeli Government. The truce, which had … Continue reading